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Welcome to DACO's website.
30 years ago, on 7 September 1989 to be exactly, DACO Products was officially registered as a company, after already being active for several years in designing decals as a hobby...
30 years now, wow - time flies !

It all started when I designed & 'printed' my very first decals when I was 15-16 years old. Using a special copier that could not only print standard black but also various 'solid colours' like white, yellow, red & blue, I was able to create my own Belgian Air Force F-16A markings that didn't exist on the market. And after entering the model at a local model contest I had so many requests for these decals that I started to search for a screen printer which was familiar with printing decals... Artwork was created with Chinese ink & paper on larger scale and afterwards reduced by xerox copiers. Several years later this step was replaced by big black studio's with special camera's to create the various screen films, until the first Apple was purchased, a MacIntosh IIfx, allowing to make films directly from artwork files.

30 years later I'm finishing my eleventh book, the long awaited "Uncovering the F-15A/B Eagle" should go soon to the printer, I designed seven different decal projects for Revell Germany in 7 months time, and I'm waiting for the final test shots of my upcoming 1/32 Fouga Magister kit.
I never imaged that kind of progress 30 years ago ...

For this 30-year anniversary, DACO Products is going crazy:
a full discount
(so no voucher system this time :-) ) is given on all orders for 3 weeks! During the first week (from 7 to 15 September) a discount of 30% (YES 30 percent !!!) is given on all available products, the second week (from 16 to 22 September) this discount will be 20%, and during the last week (from 23 to 30 September) it will be 10%, still a nice gift.

And for anyone who can't wait until the 1/32 Fouga Magister Kit comes on the market, I will organize a tombola during the next three weeks, with three available Fouga kits (test shot) as raffle prize, one kit per week. So you decide which week you want to participate, once or three times, you just have to place an order and select the Fouga tombola participating button
(participating without an order and only with the tombola is not valid, and a tombola ticket price of 5 euros is added to your total).
And the lucky winner of the first week's kit is Luc Hoste from Belgium !
The second winner is Luc Colin, also from Belgium.

Link to the Fouga Magister page and the tombola can be found here

So let's crazy this coming weeks!

Short notice:
While the DACO's 30th Anniversary discount is still running, I may already say: THANK YOU ALL for the massive response, I'm overwhelmed by orders.
300 orders so far and still counting!
So it will take some time before all parcels are mailed out, especially for those who selected the option "shipment through German Post"...
So if you have done an order with this mailing option, please bare with me before you email me a request with asking if your parcel has been shipped already ...

Below a picture of my pre-packing table with only half of the orders with "shipping from Germany"!
And Yes, the F-104 Starfighter Improvement set, B737-300 Simpsons kit and the F-14 Tomcat book have been very popular the last few weeks.

Thanks :-)

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Each item has got its own order button on the respective page, or on the complete catalogue list.
You can access and finalize the Shopping Basket via the upper left frame - with green background. The system gives you automaticly the full parcel weight and the various shipping options & charges when you select your country. Complete your order with your prefered options & shipping details and click the 'send your order' button...

PS: the shopping cart system will NOT function when you use Google Translate on the whole website ...
(use then a separate tab on your browser)

A complete catalogue list of all products with their prices can be found here

The 'Payment info' page can be accessed here

At the IPMS UK model show there was a request to set up a FaceBook page for DACO Products.
So we made an account... Feel free to join if you want.

The 1/32 Fouga Magister project is steadily progressing.
The first test shots have been checked and some corrections to make the assembly even easier are applied to the tooling.

The second and final test shots are now on their way to Belgium.

All pictures can be found here

The next bible in the 'Uncovering the...' range will uncover the MDD F-15 A/B Eagles, showing all the outside and inside details that you're used to get from DACO!

Pre-orders are taken
(available in October 2019)
and preview pages are shown here

F-16 Fighting Falcon
Modular Recce Pod

Available in all THREE scales

The latest bible in the 'Uncovering the...' range uncovers the EE Lightning, the particular RAF jet of the '60 -'70s, showing all the outside and inside details that you're used to get from DACO!

Preview pages are shown here

On popular demand the long time sold-out F-14 Tomcat book has been reprinted.

Preview pages are shown here


DACO Products' DECALSETTING is known as the best decal setting solution in Europe!
Even modellers outside Europe have recognized it as being one of the superior decalsettings available.
Our product eliminates the use of a "Sol" or a "Set" resulting in a no-guessing product with amazing results every time!

DACO Decalsetting solution is available in three strengths:

* "Soft" for thin decals and easy panel line applications

* "Medium" for normal decal use

* "Strong" for thick and heavy decal work

Each bottle contains about 30ml of Decal Setting Solution (good for a few years) and cost 6.00 euro each

Buy the complete set now for 15.00 euro!


More info here

We have done 25 different blister cards with highly detailed AIRCRAFT FRIDGE MAGNETS that include 3 different aircraft magnets per card.
They can be placed on your fridge, desk light, car, or anything else metallic!

Price is only 6.00 euro for each blistercard


Besides the DACO decal range, which addresses only Belgian Air Force markings, two other decal ranges are also available from Danny Coremans:

ASTRA Decals: include other Air Force schemes, with several USAFE and other European Air Force aircraft.

SKYLINE Decals: are an inclusive series for commercial aircraft.

Here's what you should do:
Click first on the various ranges in the upper frame.

DACO books: for all our specialized books
DACO Decals: for Belgian Air Force schemes
Astra Decals: for other Air Force schemes i.e. USAFE
Astra Resin: for a nice range of Armament in Resin
Skyline Decals: for Civil Airliner schemes
Skyline Models: for Civil Airliner kits
New Releases: for the most current products
Other DACO Items: Suppliers addresses and other Products, ...

The left frame will show the links to the actual items.

DACO Products - Danny Coremans

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