(T)F-104G Starfighter

German Air Force

As I've noticed some modellers just find the price tag of the full set a bit too steep, although they are worth every penny, I'm now also selling the first printed version of the main sheet with all markings. There are some small errors on it (light blue, grey and yellow are slightly off the "right" colour), but as I intended to release a "perfect" decal set, they have been reprinted ...

And now they are sold at a BARGAIN price...


Sheet sold seperately ("wrong" colours aren't reflected)


Sheet version within the main set - find the differences:

main sheet only (first printed version)
no instructions are included

1/72nd scale ASD7216a 7,50 Euro  
1/48th scale ASD4816a 10,00 Euro  

Complete set of 5 sheets + instruction booklet:

1/72nd scale ASD7216 20,00 Euro  
1/48th scale ASD4816 30,00 Euro  

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