F-16A MLU "Diana" 323 Sqn 2008-2009


These pictures of a 1/18 model which was quicky repainted to be able to show something to the public during the airshow at Leeuwarden

There was already a small part printed on truck batch material to check the colours, and this piece was ofcourse displayed at the 323 Sqn stand during the air show too.

J-881 was going to be the aircraft where the digital printed tails was going to be stuck on, as it just arrived back from a D-check with a fresh coat of new paint.

Even during the air show everyone, including women, couldn't understand why this tail was disapproved.
OK, she's sexy, but this is something you see on every beach (at least here in Europe) ...

and to finish, a picture of the model after the Diana shooting was finished:


Enjoy the decals !


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