Comments by the people who have our book already in possession:

We are very proud of the received pictures below:
Harry Hillaker, father of the F-16, is enjoying our F-16 book !!!

"Here are some pics I thought you might enjoy, they are of
Harry Hillaker perusing your F-16 book! He autographed it
under his name on the credits page. The older gentleman
sitting next to Harry is Bob Widmer, Bob was Harry's boss
during the YF-16 days. The 3rd person in the blue shirt is
Buzz Chamblee, ex-USAF B-58 flight test pilot. Harry and
Bob also worked on the B-58 program."

Greg Fieser @ Fort Worth / USA



Picked this up at the IPMS UK Nats today, and all I can say is WOW! This has set a new standard for reference works in my opinion. If you like Vipers, this is an essential addition to your library. . . the old Verlinden Lock on can bow out honourably now.

First time I've ever come back from the IPMS nationals without a single kit. . . but this book more than compensate!

Drewe Manton @ Great Britain

I have to concure with Drewe's comments and say go and buy this book superlatives are not good enough for this volume Amazing just what we modellers need!!!

John Wilkes@ Great Britain

I have now had the chance to look through the book, and I must say I am most impressed. It is without doubt now the benchmark of quality on how aircraft detail books should be published. All colour pictures is a world first I believe, and totally appreciated. The in depth study of each area of the aircraft makes this the definitive publication for anyone wishing to build and detail a scale model of any variant of the F-16.

Mark Salter @ Great Britain

It is just a great book that I have ever seen until now concerning any info about an aircraft. The pictures are very well taken; including every detail, just a book for a modeller.

Besides the price of the book is worth for it, I mean the book deserves that price. The type that it has been printed and the format of the book makes it last for a long time which is another point of the good sides of the book.

For a comparison in my opinion it is better than most of the Verlinden Lock On's and some Squadron Publications books.

I am looking forward for your other books concerning about the other types, especially about F-15 Eagle or other modern jets like Tornado, F-18 etc.

It is just a great service!

Thank you very very much !

Arkut Yuksel @ Turkey

Many thanks for the book which arrived yesterday. It is superb and a
fantastic reference for modelers

David Morphew@ Great Britain

I received your book yesterday in excellent condition.

This is a GREAT book.

Daniel Soulaine @ Canada

Got the book today and it came in perfect condition. I'm speechless about it !!!! It is hands down the best in-depth book on any aircraft, tank, warship etc. I have ever seen! Besides the pictures (almost TOO many in some places, but what the heck!), Nico's clear and witty commentary really makes the book shine. I'm sure you've thought of it already, but get a copy over to Fine Scale Modeler ASAP.

Bruce Wilson @ USA

Your book is really very, very nice! IN fact I think it is more or less
"the" definite pictorial work on the Fighting Falcon.

Marcus Hanke @ Austria

The book inside the parcel arrived in an excellent condition because of your careful packing. I'm stunned by the images and captions on every page of the book and feel like getting rid of other F-16 references form my shelf. Your hard work was revealed thoroughly form every single page in this book. I have to say "You're the man, Danny", keep on doing other books for us modelers. Following is my wish list. Maybe you can consider one of them to be your next subject. Mirage-2000, Mirage F-1, Mirage III/5, Tornado IDS/ADV/ECR.

Lin Bo Shiun (Stephen) @ Taiwan 

Just like to tell you that the F-16 book I ordered has arrived today
and it is in prestine condition!!! Thanks a lot. Looking forward to look
at the book, I have not even open the plastic bag yet......

Victor Kam @ Malaysia

The book arrived today in undamaged packaging. I have only managed a brief
look at the contents and boy am I impressed!

It makes the Verlinden Lock-On book worthless!

The photographs are superb (almost as good as my own!) Scale plans and
weapons diagrams very useful.

Gavin Mills @ Great Britain

This book is realy fantastic. Absolutly better than
Walk Around or Lock-On. I hope you will edit some more

Ales Sinkovec @ Slovenija

I just got it and all I can say is WOW!

I opened the package and spent next hour or so just staring @ the pictures. Everything in this book is first class.

I enjoyed plethora of little details that show thinking behind it (like, for example, little diagrams of F-16 in the top corners of the pages with colored panels, marking the section of the aircraft being illustrated). But these are details, the book is printed on great paper, photos are simply phenomenal and information you get is fantastic. Plus @ the end you have quick (color) reference of missiles, external pods, bombs, and 1/48 and 1/72 drawings.

All I can say is: this is the best 1300 Belgium Francs I spent. Thanks Danny and Nico.

Just another (very) happy customer, that knows for sure what his next model is going to be :-),

Szczesny Brzozowski @ USA

G'day Danny received your book yesterday- you weren't kiding about it being the penultimate f-16 reference book   IT'S FANTASTIC!!!!!!!, now if only the BAF flew F-15E's

Glenn Zoontjens @ Western Australia

The book arrived today in perfect condition.All I can say is WOW, what a great book!!! The others dont even come close!!!

Jim Lemons @ USA

I just got my copy of the F-16 book......... Absolutely STUNNING WORK........

A must for any modeler who likes the F-16.

OK then,what's next? A very nice job that should continue. Good luck.

Emad F.Tabsh @ Beirut - Lebanon

The book is in perfect condition (I do mean PERFECT!), and even I haven't
read it closely yet, but it's .............amazing ! Superb ! Thumps up for
you ! I can't wait to bring the book to our fellow modellers.

Well done Danny ! You're THE MAN !

Alexander Sidharta @ Indonesia

Thanks, the F-16 book has arrived and is in A-1 condition. It's a really top class book- loads of great photos in there. It's a welcome addition to my F-16 library. By the way- I love the little "map" figures in the corner of each page.

It really is a great book.

Rob Woodbury @ Australia

The book arrived in excellent condition. There was one puncture spot on the outer box, but the inner two liners (and the book) were undamaged. A very thorough and thoughtful job of packing I must say, right down to that little piece of paper under the tape on the plastic bag. Bravo!

I also have the old Verlinden Lock On book and, while it is an invaluable resource, your new book has surpassed it by a very wide margin!!!! My congratulations on your accomplishment - your work is very much appreciated. The small F-16 icons on the upper outer corner of each page showing which part of the airplane is featured (on that page) is a clever and very helpful detail. I like it. :)

Thanks again for the book.

Greg D Fieser @ USA

My F-16 book arrived today. It's the best walk-around type of book I have ever seen. Congratulations. Do you have any other plans about doing a book like this for other aircraft?

Kaan Gok @ Turkey

The book itself is everything I expected it to be, the numerous close up pics are just awesome.

Ping Su @ USA

I have to say that it is the BEST photo reference on the F-16 that I have seen to date! The coverage of the differences in the cockpit between the A\A-MLU\C\D is very helpful, as are the shots of the various parachute housings fitted to the F-16. The walk-around detail photos are very helpful, since there are usually multiple shots from varying angles that give a sense of perspective to the area being shown. Throw in the photos of the various pods,missiles and other ordanance, and this reference is well worth asking price (which is very reasonable,I might add!)

Keep up the good work,
Jack Lewis @ USA

Got my book, and I can tell, it's the best detail book on the Viper ever. Congratulations. Do one on the F-14 and I'll have a smile the size of Texas.You can even charge my credit card right now.

Jose Herculano @ Portugal

The book is outstanding. I like the full coverage given to all aspects of the airframe, not just a couple of general shots like some books. The idea of hilighting the airframe area covered on the top corner of the page is a great idea - it makes it so much easier to find the exact page I need. I only wish the section at the end with the underwing pylons had some captions, and that the weapons profiles had some sort of scale given.

But I'm just being picky - this is the best reference book for a single airplane type I have ever bought. I think it does set the standard for new books. I'm looking forward to your next release - some ideas that sprung to mind were the Tornado, F-15 and F-18 but I'm sure you have many ideas of your own. I won't hesitat to buy your next book - as long as it's a jet! Congrats on the fabulous book - your hard work certainly shows.

Sean Bratton @ Canada

I've only been able to spend a few minutes looking the book over, but I must say I'm impressed with the selection and quality of the photos. And the extra data, such as the various weapons carried by the F-16, should be most useful to anyone modeling the F-16.

Although I don't normally super detail my models, this book should be a great help to those modelers that do.

Keep up the great work. I'll be looking forward to your next publication.

Morris Duet @ USA

Just today afternoon, I saw it on my desk after came back from a long meeting. And it suddenly glued me on my chair for almost an hour to a very detailed viper book that I have never seen before. You have achieved the highest level of detail where those who interest in military aircraft, who are plastic modelers, who want to build a home cockpit need to have one (or even 2 to make sure that one will be kept in the safe place for a life time) as their reference!!! Picture speaks louder than words, but this book shouts louder than any F-16 reference I have ever knew.

Sukit Sittisudjatum @ Thailand