Comments by the people who have our F/A-18 Hornet book already:

This is clearly the new standard for Aircraft walkarounds

Tom Stewart @ Scotland

I'm very excited about your book - I was the senior Human Factors engineer on the F/A-18 from 1982 through 1991 - the "Night Attack" D model is really *my* baby. I've always wished that McAir would have let me take a camera to work, but this sounds much better than my meager photographic talents could have produced. Thanks!

Mark S. Shanks @ USA

Excellent work!

Marcus Fulber @ Germany

The book is awesome! Your books are so complete that they make all the other books I have on the F-16 and F/A-18 obsolete! Keep up the great work, and I'll definitely be looking forward to your future products!

Tanaka Kazunori @ USA

What can I say? It is simply wonderful. If you are anyone who's interested in modern aircraft, you MUST have this book!! No excuses!
The book is simply absolutely worth the money it costs and if you consider the amount of great-quality pictures and foldout plans it is cheap!!!
I'm gonna definitely buy ALL of your next releases, great job Daco!!! Thanks!!!

Benetti Enrico @ Italy

yep! got it--love it! a must have...

jon trainer

The highest recommendation on this one, as others have said.
This looks (to me anyway) like the detail book that all others will be judged by. I just got it and have not had enough time to study it, however, I can tell you the detail is fantastic. And at the top of each page they have a Hornet Icon showing the area that the photos define (nice touch). If you have ANY interest in the F/A-18 A thru C this book is a MUST HAVE!

Ray Lloyd

This book is really the book of the decade. I am extremly satisfied.

Alexander Elmendorff @ Germany

Another great job! My congratulations to you and Nico on a job well done! I only wish that Grandfather Coremans had a camera back during World War I and could have done a similar job on aircraft of that period.Thanks again! Please keep us on your mailing list.

Bob Repich @ USA

The book is a truly bible for the Hornet. I love it :)

Sukit Sittisudjatum @ Bangkok

As the reviews have led everyone to believe, your efforts are THE definitive work and reference on the F/A-18!!!!!

Great job! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Also looking forward to the T-38 book; should be another winner.

Michael F. McCullough @ USA

Thank you so much for those awesome books! I wouldn´t think Verlinden could ever compete with the quantity and quality! Wonderful work!!!
The price is really fair and I am VERY satisfied with what I got for my money!!! Keep up the good work!

István Illés @ Germany

Having bought the big F-18 kit to build, I wanted a book to help me do justice to the model. Your book is just what I need, even if it has shown an error that I made in my 1:48 F-18D which I was oblivious to until I got the book! As a keen photographer, I appreciate the sharpness and vibrant colours in the photos. Keep up the good work and bring on those other promised books...

Martin Regnard @ USA

The F/A-18 book really topped the F-16 one --- a thing I thought so far is impossible!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Marc Weigert @ Germany

A GREAT book! The wonderfull photos and the smart explanations describe the Hornet in EVERY detail.
As a modeller I've found this book extremely usefull and I think that It's one of the best resource available.

Roberto Balaudo @ Italy

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