Danny Coremans, Peter Gordts & Don Hinton

Uncovering the ...

McDonnell Douglas  / Boeing   F-15 A/B Eagle
McDonnell Douglas  / Boeing   F-15 C/D Eagle
McDonnell Douglas  / Boeing   F-15 E StrikeEagle

Originally planned to be one "big" book, while we started with the selection and layout of the thousands of detailed F-15 pictures, it turned out we had too many usable pictures to place them in just one book. And to avoid the constant mentioning of 'top is of an A model, right of an E model', we decided to split up the whole publication into three books, each dedicated to its specific model (+ trainer).

The first of the tri-part, "Uncovering the McDonnell Douglas - Boeing F-15 A/B Eagle", is almost ready to go to the printer.


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