1/48 scale F-104 Starfighter
Improvement & Correction Set:

Reviews & comments:


Brett Green has done a full review of the set with plenty of pictures at HyperScale

A nice review of this set can be read at Red Dog's Models or here

A review of this set at CyberModeler

A perfect build F-104G with this set
by Matthias Becker at Britmodeller

A lovely review of the F-104G book at The Modelling News
and at LargeScalePlanes

Here are the comments from
modelers all around the world:

Everything arrived in MINT condition just as it left your house.
That is no small feat for a parcel traveling halfway around the world.
I did notice how much effort you put into the shipping box and I do appreciate it!
Thank you for doing that!

In resin, your F-104 set would cost many times what you are selling it for in plastic
which is about a hundred times easier to work with than resin.

If there was a Nobel Prize for model design, you'd have my vote.
I cannot figure out how you can sell these sets so cheaply.

The more I study your new F-104 book and your F-104 set, the more I am amazed
at how you were able to create such masterpieces of engineering.
Your F-104 set is really spectacular.

Greg Gregg @ USA

This is a remarkable set. The nuance and detail is something to behold.
All of the different recce packs and pods... weapons, antennae, wings, control
surfaces... even cockpit de-icing piping to cover all of the variants
(including different ones to accommodate the MB and Lockheed seats, for
goodness sake)... the list goes on and on! Molding, panel lines, surface
angles, decals, instructions, boxing? Up there with the big boys.
No, really. Don't know how he does it! Staggering. Clearly a labour of love.

Timon Duffield @ UK

What a SUPER deal for a SUPER product!
Thanks for marketing this wonderful detail / correction set for the 104!

Mike Keel @ USA

I bought a F-104 set from you at the IPMS Nationals in Virginia last year
and it is amazing. A lot of work went into it. My problem with them is that
they are so gorgeous I hate to cut them up to use. They deserve to be framed.

Allen Ditto @ USA

Great job , this improvement set is incredible !
I think that I'll have to buy another improvement set for my second F-104... if this set is still available by next month ...

Longordo Giuseppe @ Italy

This kit leaves nothing to be desired. Super.

Manfred Wenning @ Germany

I'm quite blown away by the content -- extremely good stuff.

Hans-Christian Hoppe @ Germany

It looks really GOOOOD!
Now I can finally complete my TF-104G
( 25 Years JaboG 31 BOELCKE )

Gerhard Mueller @ Germany

What a superb effort you have gone to in order to produce the F-104 detail set.
Really appreciate your efforts.

Clyde Lourensz @ Australia

It is really very,very good.
The best congratulations for this performence.

Jürgen Neumann @ Germany

I only had the time for a quick look at the F-104 sets but I can already say they're
stunning in terms of detail and number uf parts provided. Great job.
Thank you very much for your effort.

Daniele Bernardi @ Italy

My mate is really happy with the Starfighter update set at the moment.
Thanks for the careful packing.

Jozsef Horvath @ Hungary

Thank you for your gap-filling work for us modellers.

Andreas Duda @ Germany

I have built a few F-104's but with the addition of the new DACO F-104
Improvement & Completion Set I will be building a few more kits with those
special paint schemes that I have wanted to do. My first project is a
TF-104 using the DACO's Astra complete German Starfighter decals.

Tony Partlow @ USA

Your set looks great and I cannot recommend it too highly. Hope they sell
in a flash --- good choice of a subject. Another project on the "to do"
list --- so many projects, so little time. Thanks again.

Thomas Surlak @ USA

The set is an essential addition to any Hasegawa F-104, and the only way
to build a correct, museum quality replica of the Starfighter.....
Thanks again!

Dmitri Kovalev @ Canada/USA

I'm building a CF-104 at the moment and can tell you that your set is a
pleasure to build and fits the Hasegawa kit perfect. The only thing one
has to do is to get rid of the rivets around the engine of the Hasegawa kit
to bring it up to the standard of your improvement set.
Thanks for some fun to come having 3 complete sets and 4 wings and 2
tank sets.
It's Starfighter time and no excuses :-)

Thomas Gausmann @ Germany

I'm sure this much awaited set will be a killer.
In fact, my friend has already shown it to me, and for sure it is.
So the result is much worth the waiting, and I'm pretty sure the forums
will soon be packed with Hasedaco Hundertviers !
I plan to destock my first 104 next year. German, JBG 31, using your set of
decals. Two more should follow (one belgian, one Dutch).

Anyway, you managed this project with great method, courage and obstination.
So well done, and keep up the good work.

Frank Boucot @ France

I received my parcel yesterday and I must tell you that the kits are
beautiful beyond belief. Congratulations on this excellent project.

Gianni Versari @ USA

Thank You Very Much! I gotta say the set is Awesome, and well worth every penny :)
I look forward to using it tonight on a F-104G. Thanks Again.

Darren Tamanaha @ USA

"Patience et longueur de temps font plus que force, ni que rage"
(by Jean de la La Fontaine).
Or in english : "All good things must take their time" (Author unknow)
Congratulations !

Michel Leduc @ Belgium

Just been handed the delivery by my lovely neighbour. What a fantastic set you have made.
I understand why it took so long!! You are most certainly Mr Starfighter.

Nick Perry @ Great Britain

Looks great ! The helmets are a nice touch, the wings looks great and everything look spot on. :-)

Andrea Stefanoni @ Italy

Thanks for the good Service and abrilliant update set for the legendary F-104!
Great Work!

Arne Badent @ Germany

I have to say that I'm very very pleased with the 104 update set.
Very accurate and very fine panel lines.
The configuration choice is just great, I can just wonder how many 104s I can build now in different versions and payloads.
Really a complete set, was worth the waiting and I woudn't hesitate to buy more.
Great job and thanks Danny!

Patrizio Ghezzi @ Italy

These sets were well worth the wait, Danny.
They look absolutely fantastic.

Tom Calbury @ Canada

Is really impressive, lots and lots of plastic inside, and with a quality that rivals the "good resin aftermaket" that I own.
The details are almost insane, the AIM-9 missile fin, the defogging tubing and the Geneau helmet have caught my attention, so subtle ...
Almost forgot the instructions "book", just perfect.
Actually really happy, as you can see.

Julian Urquizu @ Spain

Safely arrived in no time, it's wonderful!
Thank you

Nick Tresin @ Italy

The update set looks fantastic !

Thomas Clayton @ USA

Congratulations on an excellent product.
I am sure that all the F-104 fans will want one.

David Johnston - a CF-104 Fan @ Canada

I received the sets I ordered and am already using them!
I am extremely impressed with the accuracy and quality of moulding of these sets which match the Hasegawa kits perfectly.
Well done!

Ian Jobey @ Great Britain

it's an excellent package and a 'well done' for all your efforts, I'm sure you must be very pleased with the results!

Graham Dixey @ Great Britain

I just received my "A" and "D" sprues for the F-104 and they are fabulous!
They are so good that I wish you would have done the fuselage halves as well --
and that is meant as a compliment, not a complaint!

John Jodauga @ USA

I received my two F-104 improvement sets and I must say they are fantastic.

Thorbjorn Malm @ Sweden

The parts looks awesome, fine and crisp detail.
Its a pleasure just sitting here and look at all this details.
Cant wait to get my hands on it, .....................
where the hell are my Starfighter Kits ;))

Steffen Klein @ Germany

The first impression is just breathtaking.

Marcel Möller @ Germany

I've received the parcel and I'm fully astonished. The box is beautiful and so rare for "short run".
And the content... Just marvelous.
I'll use the tiny Gueneau helmet on a Mirage!!! Everything is perfect!
I'll just have to order more ... Thank you very much!
It give so much pleasure in an otherwise dull period!
I wish you to sell many containers!

Jean-Marie Troillard @ France!

I got my order, and I have to say I'm overwhelmed.
So many great parts, that I don't know where to begin.
Thanks for a great product.

Chad Richmond @ USA

This must be the most complete upgrade kit I have ever seen!
Congratulations on a job well done!
I bought a first set to judge the quality...
I will definately buy more sets! :-)
Nobody should be allowed to build a Starfighter without it! ;-)
Thanks for your efforts!

Jorgen Toll @ Norway

Really awesome set, the instructions and packaging are superb.
Like the decals included. Didn't expect that.
A very high quality presentation. I am impressed.

Harry Dente @ USA

I just received my order from you, and I am thoroughly impressed.
That F-104 Update Set is outstanding! Great job!
You do excellent work! Thanks again!

Allen Kasson @ USA

I just received the Starfighter improvement sets that I had ordered, and them are terrific.
Theys were well worth the wait.

Robert J. Bowers @ USA

After 7 years of patiently waiting I can finally make my very first RF-104G with your perfect set.
A little bit sentimental, but a boys dream finally has been realised after almost 50 years. Thanks a lot for this marvelous project.

Martin Philips @ the Netherlands

Excellent work! Bravo

Bob Verhegghen @ Belgium

It looks fantastic and I can't wait to use it as soon as possible.
Keep up the great work!!!

Alexander Zeino @ Germany

I'm so happy with it and so impressed by the job you made to concept this fantastic improvement set.
Congratulations for it and thanks for the fast shipping of the parcel.

Willer Richard @ France

It is just great. I can now model the F-104G with that equipment I want.
Came just in time to pimp up my current Starfighter on my workbench.

Sebastian Greck @ Germany

The set, for me, is really fantastic also and especially because I'm a real fan of the Starfighter, and for me, the more that an airplane is a religion!
I find that the quality of the set is the height of a modern kit and there is really everything, to build all variants of the Starfighter.

Mario Querini @ Italy

Your Starfighter improvement set is a masterpiece!
Simply great stuff! Thank you very much.

Alex Kleeberger @ Germany

My compliments for your labour, this is an impressive update for the F-104.
Thanks a lot.

B.J. van de Maat @ The Netherlands

Let me make you all my compliments for the high quality of this set !!!
You have done a fantastic job !! Amazing !!

Pincelli Stefano @ Italy

Please send your comments also to me!

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