BAF F-16A Demo 1998

"White Falcon"

The F-16A FA-67 "White Falcon" was painted in this special scheme to be the F-16 Demo of the Belgian Air Force during airshow season of 1998.

After one year of experimenting with different printing techniques, this sheet is one of the first which has high quality photo-realistic decals.

There's one full colour instruction sheet included and the decal is available in three scales (1/72nd and 1/48th are as shown)

Link to 1/32nd scale decal version

1/72nd scale DCD7247 10,00 Euro  
1/48th scale DCD4847 12,50 Euro  
1/32nd scale DCD3246 15,00 Euro  

STOCK status DCD7247 sold out @ DACO
anno Jan. 2022 DCD4847 sold out @ DACO

DCD3246 sold out @ DACO

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