Sabena Boeing 737-200/-300/-400/-500

The original version:

The reprinted version was only available in 1/144:

This sheet, for all the Boeing 737 of Sabena, contains over 64 different decals (with a total of more than 200 individual decals) and has enough stencilling and markings to decal one complete B737 of any version. There is one full colour instruction sheet included and the decal was available in two scales.


1/144th scale SKY144-23 10,00 Euro  
1/200th scale SKY200-23 5,00 Euro  

STOCK status SKY144-23 sold out @ DACO
anno Jan. 2022 SKY200-23 sold out @ DACO

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SKYLINE Models' 1/144th scale Boeing 737 kits :

Voted the best Plastic Injected Airliner Kit !

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