Normally you should receive an 'order confirmation email' within the next minute you push the "Send" button on the Shopping Basket page.
But it seems that this message and/or reply-emails are sometimes recognized as Spam by certain servers and dropped in your Spam folder, or in worst case rejected as such.
This happens frequently with , and occasionaly with,,, ...
Sadly enough it's something I can not do much against it ...

If you don't get this message or other replies from me, it's not that I don't like you !
But PLEASE - especially if you are a or user, mark the < >, < > and <> domains as "safe" within your spam settings
(select option "no junk").
OR set up a account for sending out emails and let your gmail account forward the incoming emails to your regular email address! That way we can keep in touch with eachother...

So if you haven't received this confirmation email
- don't worry your order has been received at DACO -
below are the payment instructions to complete your order
(only make sure you remember the total of your order)

Using Netherlands & Germany as "Shipping Country":

Occasionally I do the extra effort to drive to The Netherlands and to Germany to ship parcels from there, as their postage fees are a lot lower for most parcel weights & countries than what the Belgian Post would charge for them.
This 250 km round trip is done once a month - more often in busy times, less often in slow times - when sufficient parcels are ready to make this daytrip worth doing. You might be lucky when your order & payment arrives here just before I do this trip, or you may be unlucky when it arrives here just while I'm heading to these countries and you have to wait one month or so.
So only if there's no real rush involved you may always select the respective Dutch or German postage fees to take advantage of their lower p&p prices.


Tracking is strongly suggested for countries known to see parcels getting lost.
Without the selecting of the optional "YES, I request tracking", your parcel will NOT be able to get tracked if needed and no compensation /replacement is offered on this side in case your parcel won't arrive at your place. Sorry...

Payment instructions:

European residents (with the exception of Switzerland *)
can do a BIC / IBAN bank transfer to:

IBAN: BE71 0011 8873 2269
(spaces might have to be deleted)


My account: DACO / Danny Coremans, Joe English straat 46 - 2140 Antwerpen - Belgium

It's easy, without any charges and as such most prefered way of payment!


Visa & Mastercard are accepted.

You can E-mail your Credit card numbers and Expire date at, and/or
(eventually split over two/three messages)

(there's NO need to send me the 3-digit security number of the backside of the card ! )


PayPal payments are possible
through my PayPal account < >

Please initiate the payment from your side through the
'Send Money' or 'Send Payment' tab bar.

or copy/paste this direct link:**,**
(**,** = the total amount of your order)

Personal Checks are NOT accepted due to the extreme high fee to get them cashed (15 euro...)