My beloved pets !

Friends told me to dedicate also a section around my / our pets ...

In my office I have three birds flying around FREELY - two very inquisitive Kakariki's and one adopted canary
(found recently near my doorstep - hungry & tired - took him/her in...) .

I blame it to them that my office is so messy!




We have 3 lovely cats at our home: Molly was originally from one of the neighbours, but in 2011 she decided to give birth to her kittens in our house. Five (1st litter) and seven kittens (2nd litter) were raised by her (and us) in less than one year. All found a good home and the neighbour accepted it was for her also a better place to stay.

'Koeike', one of her sons we kept of the first litter:

and 'Tiger', his brother:


more pictures of them will be posted soon!