F-16C Fighting Falcon

USAFE Aviano (part 1/4)

31FW Flagship 89-2001

This sheet, for the F-16C of USAFE Aviano (Italy) 31st Fighter Wings Flagship 89-2001, contains four paint schemes that this one aircraft had.

There's one full colour instruction sheet included and the decals are available in three scales.

1/72nd scale ASD7207 8,50 Euro  
1/48th scale ASD4807 12,50 Euro  
1/32nd scale ASD3207 * 15,00 Euro  

STOCK status ASD7207


anno Jan. 2022 ASD4807


ASD3207 * available

* The 1/32nd scale version has the markings of decal ASD**07 and decal ASD**08 as one conbined sheet.
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