Reinforcement plates

These exquisite cutted vinyl sets, produced by the finest plotter around, are designed based on the original F-16 reinforcement plates.

They are available in

1/72nd scale (3 complete sets / bag)

1/48th scale (2 complete sets / bag)

1/32nd scale (1 complete set / bag)

Updated 1/48 scale version:

These three sets come - ofcourse - in three different thickness, based on the original thickness (5,5 mm) of these plates:

1/72nd scale @ 0,075 mm

1/48th scale @ 0,125 mm

1/32nd scale @ 0,175 mm

link with steps & tips how to apply these reinforcement plates


1/72nd scale ASD7222 10,00 Euro  
1/48th scale ASD4822 10,00 Euro  
1/32nd scale ASD3222 10,00 Euro  

STOCK status ASD7222 available
anno Jan. 2023 ASD4822 available

ASD3222 available

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