Danny Coremans & Nico Deboeck

uncovering the

Boeing F/A-18 A / B / C & D

The second book in the"Uncovering the..." range uncovers all the versions of the McDonnell Douglas - Boeing F/A-18 "Legacy" Hornet.

More than 700 (all colour) photos are given of the U.S. Navy, Marines, Canadian, Finnish and Spanish F/A-18 A/B and C/D Hornets. This book has the size of 21 x 24 cm (8.25 x 9.50 inch), contains of 160 pages and has additional 2 large foldouts ( 1 meter / 40" long) with 1/72nd & 1/48th scale and cockpit lay-out drawings.

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(2004 edition)

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the cover:

every part is given in all their detail:

the ATARS nose:

avionic bays opened up:

the wing fold system from every angle:

it was even hard to choose which tails to use:

28 pages are uncovering the F/A-18 A, B, C & D cockpits:

landing gear ... :

16 pages of various F/A-18s in maintenance :

and a very complete overview of all kind of armament:

160 pages in total...

We hope you are convinced that this book is worth to be on your desk!

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