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Comments by the people who have our F-14 Tomcat book already:

Your book is the best I've ever seen as far as the amount and detail of photos of the F-14. Willy Peeters' illustrations are outstanding as well. Speaking as a modeler, this book is going to be THE source of reference. You have fantastic detailed images of the jet from the inside out - especially the cockpit. I wish I had such images when I was laying out the illustrations for the cockpit for the Flight Manual some 30 years ago. I will show my copy around to my friends and hopefully get them to order one for themselves.   Good job!!!

  William Barto Museum Associate Cradle of Aviation @ USA

Man it is amazing.
This is now my Tomcat Bible:)

I have had the book for 2 days now and, I think I can safely say that this book has covered every inch of the Tomcat.

I may have to buy a second one though as I think this one will get dog eared very quickly.

Great job by Danny and the rest of the team.
You guys have done a marvelous job.

Andy Mullen @ UK

As expected the Tomcat book is really really great. A must have for
all Tomcat "lovers".

Great pictures, details and informations as in your other books too.
Keep it up.

Michael Neuhaeusser @ Germany

I have received your book and all I can say about it is that it is great. A real timeless monument to the legendary F-14.

Sebastijan Videc @ Slovenia

hmm what can I say,write - my hands are shaking --- still &.., I drool for this moment

First look, first touch, and first kiss - this is a BIBLE !!!, fantastic, suberb job - many details for B and D version, maintenance, super plans - I love it - one word this is truly Modelers "BIBLE".

Artur Szopa @ Poland

A very practical book, with magnificent pictures. With more than 750 pictures, it is the Bible on Tomcat !!

Well done !!

Didier Landriau @ France

Outstanding F-14 book!!!

Clifford Croxall @ USA

I am sitting here right now drooling carefully around my copy and watching the DVD. One Word!!!!!   Outstanding!!! 
This is the most amazing material I have ever seen.

Michael Mettman @ Canada

I do not want to speak for anybody ( I think I am not original, though) but to my humble opinion this is the BEST book on an airplane I have seen in my life, at least from the modeler's point of view.

I love it.

Jozef Maly @ Slovakia

Wow. Incredible. Sweetness. I cannot think of enough adjectives to describe this book, and that is just after the first glance. Photos, 1/48 & 1/72 plans, this title is worth every penny!

It is THE reference for the F-14. All my other Tomcat books are suddenly obsolete.

"Spaced Marine" (through ARC) @ USA

It's truly amazing......the best Tomcat book I have ver seen - by far.

"Crasca" (through ARC) @ USA

This is the F-14 Tomcat Bible for any modeler who intends to build an F-14. It's a must have for your personal library. A big thank you to all of you who worked on the book. This was a book well-worth waiting for.

"The Animal" (through ARC) @ Canada

In a word it is Fantastic!
Now all my Detail and Scales, Walkarounds and Lock Ons (Sorry Willy) are being moved to the back of the shelves.

Adrian Davies @ USA

ES IST DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
Das Buch der Buecher!!! + die DVD von der Theodore Roosevelt.
Ich bin hin und weg..............

Vergesst alles was es an Vorlagen fuer die Tomcat je gegeben hat, diese Buch ist das EINZIGE was gebraucht wird um eine Tomcat zu detailieren. Und die DVD ist auch Klasse. Mit original Sound...also fast nur Jet Pfeifen...aber mit sagenhaften Aufnahmen.

Jeden Cent wert!

Uwe Zankl @ Germany

All I can say is FANTASTIC!!

Jamie Hanna @ USA

The book itself is amazing !! It's THE bible of F-14 Tomcat....

Alex Sidharta @ Jakarta

Wow!  The F-14 book is amazing (just like your other "Uncovering" books). Nice up-close and personal shots of the Tomcat. Very nice DVD with plenty of flight deck action. Thank you very much for the great books and service.

Jose Pujol @ USA

It is quite possibly the best airplane book I have ever seen - and definately the best F-14 book out there for pictures/references.

Ric Colgan @ USA

Just a glimpse is already enough to make my jaw fell onto the ground. It is a very good reference book.Everytime I see your uncovering series I am impressed. You did a great job. Keep it going!

And the DVD is real good too. I showed it to my wife, kids, and my father. They all are very interested to know how a Tomcat is lauched.

Chan Kwok Leung - Douglas @ Hong Kong

Simply : THE BOOK !! The Tomcat's bible !! Magnificent pictures & plans . Thank you for your work ! DVD is a nice "plus".
But now..., I'm waiting for an "uncovering the" :
- F-15 A/B/C/D/E Eagle
- Mirage 2000 all variants
- Tornado all variants
- Harrier AV-8B & GR all variants
- Mig-29 all variants
- Su-27 all variants ...
"du pain sur la planche" like we say in France !!

Jean-Michel Pignaut @ France

I only had time to take a quick look at it, but it seems to be the best of all "Uncovering" book!
And of course DVD is great too. It is actually very cool to see the crew on the deck doing their 'everyday job' in a most routine and natural way. In most TV reports from aircraft carriers it looks like the crew is overdoing their task to make it look better on screen - on your DVD they are obviously just doing their regular job and are not trying to 'act' it :-)

Pawel Krupowicz @ Poland

I have had now some day to read your new book on the F-14, to look at all those amazing pictures and all I can say is that, if it's possible, this book is in my opinion even better than the one dedicated to the F-16 and the F-18!
You have done an impressive job.

I did order the book on the B-One too and I'm sure it will be of immense help for building my personal B-1B. Great pictures and details of all angles of the aircraft, hidden ir not.

Kristian Amadori @ Sweden

Another excellent effort on your part.

Joe Manhardt @ USA

I love it!!!  Great pics, I like how you have the small diagram in the corner with red highlights about the area you're looking at. 

Brian Walker @ USA

I could not do anything but buy this astonishing book. This another great book. Even better than the previous ones I have.

Tom Stewart @ Scotland

I got the book and everything looks "GREAT"

Jim Clark @ USA

Received the book today and it is worth every penny.

Rodney Rogers @ USA

Your outstanding Tomcat publication has been received and it is one fantastic book.
I'm now watching the DVD and I can say that I feel like I was onboard by myself. Absolutely awesome.

Thank you for producing such a great publication and I hope there a lot more to come.
I know your F-16 and F-18 books and they are great stuff too!!! ...but the Tomcat is still my all time favourite.

"Gotta see the damn hot DVD..."

Andreas Jost @ Germany

My F-14 book and DVD arrived. I just wanted to let you know
that they are both everything I had hoped they would be. You guys did a great job. The F-14 is my favorite airplane and I am glad you took your coverage right to the end of it's service life.

I now have 33 books about the F-14 and this new one, in my opinion, is definitely the best of them all.

Eric Newbould @ USA

Excellent! By far the most comprehensive coverage of the F-14
I have ever seen.
Having both the F-16 and F/A-18 books, (which are incredible as well) I knew the F-14 book would be something special,
I was not disappointed!
The B-1 book and the USS TR video are fantastic as well.

Keep 'em comin'.

Kevin Fisher @ USA

I've bought this book and I have just one word: OUTSTANDING!!!
This is the best photografic book I've ever seen on the Tomcat (and believe me, I've seen a LOT!)
I think that this is a MUST for every Tomcat fan and, especially for the modellers, the most usefull resource that one could want to find.
Thank You VERY much for Your GREAT job!

Roberto Balaudo @ Italy

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