Danny Coremans, Peter Gordts & Don Hinton

Uncovering the ...

McDonnell Douglas  F-15 A/B (MSIP) Eagle

Originally it was schedualed to do one "massive" book of all the F-15 variants, but during the selection of the thousands of detailed (Strike) Eagle pictures it turned out we had too many usable pictures to place them in just one book.
And to avoid the constant mentioning of 'top picture is of an A model, right of an E model', we decided to split up the whole publication into three individual books, each dedicated to its specific model (and its trainer).

The first of the tri-part, "Uncovering the McDonnell Douglas F-15A/B (MSIP) Eagle", is now available. Uncovering the early models of the F-15 Eagle and their upgraded MSIP sisters (with their cockpits similar to the F-15C/D).

160 pages with in total 750 detailed colour pictures and do not forget the 1 meter long fold out pages with cockpit diagrams and very accurate 1/72nd and 1/48th scale drawings...

We hope you are convinced that this book is worth to be on your desk !

NEW: Pack of 10x bookmarks for all of your DACO books:

F-15 A/B Book

34,75 Euro

Pack of 10 Bookmarks 2,50 euro  

(2019 edition)

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Jan. 2023


Here are some previews of what you'll find in this book:

A maximum of fuselage details are given, 53 pages in total, from nose...

... to tail:

F-15A and F-15A/B MSIP cockpits, good for 42 pages:

Landing gear from all sides, spread over 16 pages:

Open panels and other nice uncovered stuff:

And we close off with 16 pages of missiles and fueltanks:

Review by Callsign Coogar @ YouTube:


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