Danny Coremans

Uncovering the

Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

The next title in the range "Uncovering the...", is all about the mighty B-52H BUFF.
This book is similar in size and pages to the B-1B book, and still contains almost 500 very detailed pictures of every part of this big bomber.

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(2008 edition)

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Jan. 2023




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Let the previews convince you:

A very complete walk around the outside fuselage, with pictures taken from every angle

16 pages showing the cockpit, aft and lower crew compartments:

A quite complete overview of the landing gear and its four bays
(giving a double page for each wheel well)

Two double pages for the engines alone, showing the differences between them:

Eight pages are reserved for the bomb bay:

And the last part is all about the very variated armament the B-52H can carry: