Danny Coremans & The TIGER Team

uncovering the Tiger Meets of 2001

"EYE on the TIGERS"

Inside DACO's "EYE on the TIGERS", the two Tiger Meets organized in 2001 are uncovered: the 40th NATO Tiger Meet which was organized by 31 Sqn at Kleine Brogel - Belgium and the very first Tiger Meet organized in United States: The first 'Tiger Meet of the Americas' which was hosted by the Colorado Air National Guard's 120th FS.

More than 275 photos (all in color) reveal these two Tiger Meets. A mix of air-to-air images are included, alongside others that reflect the atmosphere around busy flight lines.

The book has the size of 21 x 24 cm (8.25 x 9.50 inch) and contains of 120 pages.


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the cover:

the special painted F-16A of 31 Sqn:

the star of the NATO Tiger Meet - Tiger Tornado of JaBoG 321:

also 01/012 had one Mirage 2000 in special colours:

and 301 Esq from Beja didn't go for less:

the French came also with a couple of Mirage F-1s:

AG-51 flew over with another Tiger skinned Tornado:


120th FS of Buckley AFB, Colorado USA, hosted the TMOTA
and painted one of their F-16s for the first time with Tiger stripes:

79FS from Shaw AFB attended also with a special painted F-16:

410 FS from Canada showed up in style:

If you're a Tiger Meet addict, well then we don't have to convince you.
For the others, we hope you are convinced that this book will have a good home at your place...