31Sqn Tiger TigerMeet '98

Demo 1998 "White Falcon"

1/32nd scale


This 1/32nd scale version of the Tiger'98 and Demo F-16 decals does not contain the stripes as decal (like on the smaller scale versions do), but the tiger stripes are supplied as template on a paper sheet.

This sheet contains TWO identical decals. There's NO left side and right side version.
This is for a very special reason: As the quantity of the decal print is the same for all scales ,
it's economical not interesting to have the same quantity of decals for the 1/32nd as for the 1/48th version.
That's why the 1/32nd scale version has been printed as a half part, resulting in a 50% profit in space and a reduced quantity by half.

The idea is to use the decals for one side as normal, and for the other side "mirrored", so the upper side goes on the model.

With the use of "DecalSetting", the sticking isn't a problem.
The decals which need to be flipped over, don't have a white background and are transparent.
The image is the same on both sides.

There are two full colour instruction sheets included.

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