Belgian air Force

C-130H Hercules

These decal sheets for the Belgian C-130H are a reprinted version of DCD7226, DCD7227 & DCD4826, and are printed with todays printing quality. They contain all the stencilling which is placed on all C-130s worldwide.

Two sheets are enclosed, one sheet with black stencilling, and a second sheet with the stencils in brown and green (for the SEA / Vietnam camouflage scheme).
These stencils are "Lockheed-standard", and can be used for several different nations.

The 1/144 & 1/200 scale version is a reduced version, containing only the main markings and not all stencilling.

1/144 & 1/200 scale DCD14426 6,50 Euro  
1/72nd scale DCD7249 10,00 Euro  
1/48th scale DCD4849 15,00 Euro  
C-130 Grey paint PA23 2,00 Euro  

. DCD14426 available
STOCK status DCD7249 sold out @ DACO
anno Jan. 2024 DCD4849 less than 25

PA23 sold out @ DACO



For earlier "Vietnam" camouflaged paint scheme:

Dark Green Paint PA19b 2,00 Euro  

Light Green Paint


2,00 Euro
Tan Brown Paint PA21 2,00 Euro
(Promo: 1+1free)
Light Grey Paint PA22b 2,00 Euro  
Special Thinner * PA01 3,50 Euro  

* Paints are made by XtraColor / Hannants.
If you haven't used this enamel paint range yet, then please be advised that
this special thinner is specially formulated to improve the drying time of these paints.

STOCK status


sold out @ DACO

anno Jan. 2024


sold out @ DACO




sold out @ DACO

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