SA.330   Puma
Rijkswacht / Gendarmerie
(Belgian Federal Police)

1/32nd scale version:


A limited amount of decals are also available for the three Puma's in 1/32nd scale .
The coloured decals (roundels etc) are screen printed, while the BLACK markings are laser printed on a clear decal sheet.

Markings for only ONE Puma will be given per 1/32 set, available for G01, G02 or G03, hence the personalized order buttons.

1/72nd scale DCD7274 6,00 Euro  
1/32nd scale DCD3274 G01 12,50 Euro  
1/32nd scale DCD3274 G02 12,50 Euro  
1/32nd scale DCD3274 G03 12,50 Euro  

STOCK status DCD7274 sold out @ DACO
anno Jan. 2023 DCD3274 G0x less than 35


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