Airbus A300 kit

with Garuda Indonesia & TNT decals

Special run produced by Airfix for DACO, this kit contains the same Airbus A300 sprues as Airfix's.

This box comes with Garuda Indonesia & TNT markings.

By request this kit is now sold also without the fuselages (2x sets).

SKY144-02a blanco kit
no decals
19.75 Euro  
SKY144-02b kit with TNT & Garuda 27,50 Euro
24,75 Euro


2x plastic parts without fuselages
(wings etc)
19.75 Euro  
SKY144-20 A300 Corogard decal only 5.00 Euro  

STOCK status SKY144-02a available
anno Jan. 2023 SKY144-02b available

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Wing Corogard and leading edges are included as bonus decal:

And a complementary 'TNT orange' paint tin is included too