CityBird MD-11

This sheet, for the MD 11 of the now defunct Belgian company CityBird, contains over 54 different decals (with a total of more than 150 individual decals).
There is one full colour instruction sheet included and the decal is available in two scales.

1/144th scale SKY144-30 7,50 Euro  
1/200th scale SKY200-30 5,50 Euro  
CityBird Green Paint PA 27 2,00 Euro  

STOCK status SKY144-30 sold out @ DACO
anno Jan. 2023 SKY200-30 sold out @ DACO

PA 27 sold out @ DACO

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CityBirds "green" MD-11 is equipted with General Electric engines


The sheets contains also this additional decal for the "white" MD-11s of CityBird:

CityBirds "white" MD-11s are equipted with Pratt & Whitney engines