Boeing 787 Dreamliner Boeing House Colours

The first prototype of Boeing's latest aircraft type, the B787 Dreamliner, is painted in a striking blue waved patern.
Considered as "impossible to be done as decal" by someone, this decal proves he was wrong...

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This decal is printed with the highest quality to obtain a correct representation of the blue waves.
All detailed stencilling and roll-out markings are included.

This set includes also Photo-etched parts:

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 1/144th scale  Sky144-69 15,00 Euro  

Dark Blue Paint


2,00 Euro
Pearlescent effect varnish PA41 2,00 Euro  
Special Thinner * PA01 3,50 Euro  

* Paints are made by XtraColor / Hannants.
If you haven't used this enamel paint range yet, then please be advised that
this special thinner is specially formulated to improve the drying time of these paints.

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sold out @ DACO

anno Jan. 2021




sold out @ DACO

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