Boeing 737-300/-400

As replacement for their aging BAe-146 aircraft, TNT is using the Boeing 737 nowadays for parcel express flights accross Europe. Starting with the -300, with two aircraft as quick-load-exchangers who were flying overday with passengers and overnight with cargo pallets, the fleet is nowadays all of the -400 type.

Most of these -400 are former Garuda Indonesia aircraft, so with these two decals you could build the same aircraft in two different liveries...

This decal is gives you all markings and registrations to make any Boeing 737-300 or -400 of the TNT fleet.
Includes also all detailed stencilling.


 1/144th scale  Sky144-72 7,00 Euro  

TNT Orange


2,00 Euro
Special Thinner * PA01 3,50 Euro  

* Paints are made by XtraColor / Hannants.
If you haven't used this enamel paint range yet, then please be advised that
this special thinner is specially formulated to improve the drying time of these paints.

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anno Jan. 2023



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