DACO's Decalsetting

Known as the best Decalsetting solution of Europe...
and No. 1 of Tamiya Modelling Magazines Top 25 items a modeller just can NOT live without !

Not a vinegar or varnish, but a chemical formula especially created for DACO that gives the best results for all of your decals

DACO's Decalsetting is available in 3 versions

DPR01a Soft version 7,50 Euro  
DPR01b Medium version 7,50 Euro  
DPR01c Strong version 7,50 Euro  
PROMO set Set of all three 17,50 Euro  

"Soft" for thin decals and easy work (like panel lines)

"Medium" for normal decals and general purposes

"Strong" for thick decals and heavy duty work


Once you've used DACO Products Decalsetting,

you'll never use Microscale's Sol & Set ever again ...


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