F-16A Fighting Falcon

Royal Netherlands Air Force

323 Sqn 50th Anniversary

"Dirty Diana" schemes

1998 - 1999

This sheet contains all variants (original & censored) of "Dirty Diana" which was painted on several F-16A's by the Crew Chiefs of 323 Sqn to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of their squadron in 1998-1999.
Read the history of the various schemes on the instruction sheet.

There's one full colour instruction sheet included and the decals are available in three scales.

1/144th scale ASD14418 * 3,50 Euro  
1/72nd scale ASD7218 8,50 Euro  
1/48th scale ASD4818 12,50 Euro  

STOCK status ASD14418 available
anno Jan. 2024 ASD7218 available

ASD4818 available

* The 1/144th scale version has only the markings of J-248 and a reduced amount of stencilling

Link to 1/144 scale decal version

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Pictures of these F-16As

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