F-16A MLU Fighting Falcon

Royal Netherlands Air Force

323 Sqn 60th Anniversary

"Diana" Summer & Winter schemes

2008 - 2009

These special tails for 323 Sqn, which has Diana "Godness of the Hunt" as squadron emblem, of the Royal Netherlands Air Force based at Leeuwarden in the north of Holland, were especially designed for the 60th anniversary in 2008-2009. The Summer tail with the Diana in bikini was going to applied for the air show season of 2008, starting with the big airshow at Leeuwarden AFB in June 2008.
This scheme was approved by several levels in the Dutch AF (a 6 month process) until only ONE week before the air show one general 'on the top' said "nyet" to the whole project.
The Winter scheme, designed for the actual 60th anniversary date in November 2008, was freezed also.

On popular demand, these tails are now released as a decal, in their original - uncensored - version.
As bonus this decal sheet contains also the Diana painted on the tail for the airshow in 2001 at Leeuwarden.

The decals are available in three scales: 1/144, 1/72 and 1/48.

There's one full colour instruction sheet included in this set.


The F-16 Reinforcement Plates are available separately as ASD7222 / ASD4822

(link with steps & tips how to apply these reinforcement plates)

1/144th scale ASD14419 * 4,50 Euro  
1/72nd scale ASD7219 8,50 Euro  
1/48th scale ASD4819 12,50 Euro  

* The 1/144th scale version has only the markings of J-248 and a reduced amount of stencilling

Link to 1/144 scale decal version

STOCK status ASD14419 available
anno Jan. 2024 ASD7219 available

ASD4819 available

1/72nd scale ASD7222 10,00 Euro  
1/48th scale ASD4822 10,00 Euro  
1/32nd scale ASD3222 10,00 Euro  

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Pictures of these F-16As

Link: Kinetic F-16 MLU 1/48 model
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