F-16B MLU Fighting Falcon

Royal Netherlands Air Force

J-066 "Orange Jumper"

RNLAF Test aircraft


J-066 is used by the Royal Netherlands Air Force for the test and evaluation of the release of various weapons, missiles, fuel tanks, etc.
On test aircraft, all non-standard internal wiring ('jumpers') are coloured orange, so this jet acquired the nickname "Orange Jumper", which explains the kangaroo on its tail.
A modified Orpheus Pod with additional instruments is often seen mounted on the centerline pylon and the special painted fueltanks make it a very coloured model.

The decals are available in two scales.

There's one full colour instruction sheet and one Orpheus Pod is included in this set.


The F-16 Reinforcement Plates are available separately as ASD7222 / ASD4822

(link with steps & tips how to apply these reinforcement plates)

1/72nd scale ASD7220 8,50 Euro  
1/48th scale ASD4820 12,50 Euro  

STOCK status ASD7220 available
anno Jan. 2023 ASD4820 available


1/72nd scale ASD7222 10,00 Euro  
1/48th scale ASD4822 10,00 Euro  
1/32nd scale ASD3222 10,00 Euro  

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Pictures of this F-16B Orange Jumper

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how to fix its tail housing problem