Danny Coremans

Uncovering the

Grumman F-14 A / B & D

(2016 reprint)

DACO is very proud to announce the reprint of its third book in our detailed range "Uncovering the...", inwhich all the versions of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat are uncovered till the last nut, including the last ever pictures of their last carrier tour in the Gulf.

Almost 750 (all colour) photos are given of the Tomcats. This book has the size of 21 x 24 cm (8.25 x 9.50 inch), contains of 160 pages and has additional 2 large foldouts ( 1 meter / 40" long) with 1/72nd & 1/48th scale, the various cockpit lay-out drawings and a list of the Bureau Numbers.

While on board of the USS Theodore Roosevelt early January '06, Danny has shot about 1500 pictures and 2 hours of digital video, initially meant as a home movie for friends and family.
To let everyone enjoy this trip too, a DVD with about 1 hour of video (the best parts) and 250 pictures which are not used in the book (viewing-mode only) is available too. It shows not only the Tomcats in action, but also Hornets, Vikings, Prowlers and Hawkeyes on deck, during day and night launch and recoveries.

Price for the DVD is 15,00 euro,
or 47,50 euro together with the F-14 book when this is ordered at the same time too...

NEW: Pack of 10x bookmarks for all of your DACO books:

F-14 A/B/D Book price: 34,75 Euro  
Pack of 10 Bookmarks 2,50 euro  

(2016 edition)

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Jan. 2024



Combo deal: F-14 book + DVD

One day aboard
the USS Roosevelt

during the last Tomcat cruise
(Jan 05 2006)


PAL version

47,50 Euro


NTSC version

47,50 Euro


DVD only:

One day aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt

during the last Tomcat cruise
(Jan 05 2006)


PAL version

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NTSC version

15,00 Euro


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we start at the nose probe...

...but uncover quickly what's inside the radome:

the complete fuselage in detail, including flaps & slats:

tails shown from inboard (& outboard):

we show the full underside (here the front fuselage):

some special features:

the three cockpit versions, starting with 6 pages of the A-model:

10 pages of the F-14B cockpits:

even 14 pages of the F-14D cockpits:

both ejection seats in detail (here the SJU-17):

the nose landing gear - with never published sequences:

the landing gear bays from every angle:

a large part is showing the Tomcat in maintenance, uncovering what's behind those panels:

or behind the seats:

or below the wing pivot covers:

and then there's still space left for the armament section:

Phoenix, Sidewinder, Sparrow, JDAM and other bombs, TARPS,...

168 pages with 750+ detailed colour pictures in total...

and not to forget the 1 meter long fold out pages
with 1/72nd and 1/48th scale drawings and cockpit diagrams:


We hope you are convinced that this book is worth to be on your desk !

But if you are not yet convinced: here are the comments of people who have it already...