Western Pacific Airlines

The Simpsons

The original print fits both versions of the DACO B737 kits

(this decal version is sold out @ DACO)

The second run of the 1/144th scale decal (SKY144-34b) was alternated to fit the Minicraft kit:

(this decal version is sold out @ DACO)

The third & most recent print of the 1/144th scale decal (SKY144-34c) fits again the (more superior) DACO/Skyline B737-300 kit:

This decal sheet includes a set of highly detailed
Photo-etched parts!


1/144th scale

10,00 Euro  
1/200th scale SKY200-34
7,50 Euro  

1/100th scale


12,50 Euro

DACO Paints:

WP Medium Blue:
(engine cowls)


2,00 Euro
WestPac Yellow Paint PA32b sold out  
Special Thinner * PA01 3,50 Euro  

* Paints are made by XtraColor / Hannants.
If you haven't used this enamel paint range yet, then please be advised that
this special thinner is specially formulated to improve the drying time of these paints.

STOCK status SKY144-34c available
anno Jan. 2023 SKY200-34 available



PA 30b


PA 32b

sold out @ DACO

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Using DACO Products' Medium DECALSETTING solution is strongly recommended to get these decals curved around the fuselage shape...
(Sol & Set won't do the job)

This decal is designed to fit the SKYLINE Models' 1/144th scale Boeing 737 kits :

Voted as the best Plastic Injected Airliner Kit !

(Note that this decal will only fit on my Boeing 737-300 kits, and NOT on the Minicraft B737-300 kits...)

The Simpson scheme is ALSO AVAILABLE
as a 1/100 scale DESKMODEL KIT